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Guide to Russia

Everything you need to know about the Russian Federation, from travel information to history and culture – a perfect online guide to Russia.

Discovering the Wonders of Russia

A trip to the country of Russia can give you spine-tingling thrills – and it’s not necessarily because of the thoughts of spies on every corner, although that idea can add to the excitement of any forthcoming Russian adventure. The sheer size of Russia should give travelers an idea of what exciting treats await them once they set foot in the country, and just why the country attracts countless tourists from all over the world.

Fast Facts about Russia

Officially called the Russian Federation, the country of Russia is situated in the northern part of Eurasia. Considered as the largest country in the world, Russia is bordered by the following countries: Finland, Norway, North Korea, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Mongolia, The People’s Republic of China, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The world’s largest mineral and energy resources can be found in Russia; the country also has the largest forest reserves. The country alone spans nine time zones, and dominates the northern part of Asia and 40% of Europe. Given these statistics, it’s no wonder that Russia is considered as one of the world’s superpowers – and one of the most visited countries in the whole world as well.

Trip to Russia

Whatever activities you have planned for your Russian trip, and whatever places you choose to include in your itinerary, you are sure to have one of the most memorable times of your life. There is a certain magical air that surrounds Russia, one that envelopes the people who are given the chance to set foot in one of the most fascinating countries in the whole world.

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